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GA Sec of State, Charities Division

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Charitable Organization – Reinstatement

  • For Charitable Organizations that are reinstating their registration with Georgia.
  • Reinstatement applies to those charities that were previously registered with the Georgia Charities Division but currently have a registration status of "Expired" or "Lapsed".

THIS PLATFORM IS NOT FOR COPORATIONS FILINGS. If you are trying to renew your corporate formation or you are trying to dissolve your corporate formation, this is not the place.  This is only for renewing your organization as a charity with the Charities Division.  



You must upload a complete application packet.  For information about documents are required, please visit our website at:


PAYMENT OPTION:  This platform only accepts VISA and MASTERCARD.


NOTICE:  Once you hit the submit button to submit the filing, the system will generate  a receipt/notice of filing submitted that confirms the filing has been submitted successfully.  If you do not receive a receipt or any type of note from the system that the filing has been submitted, please email us at


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